Member of the Tuscawilla Lighting & Beautification District Committee, Terri Bivona, Endorses Ken Greenberg

“I have known Ken Greenberg for the past 11 years, first as a neighbor, then as an avid dog walker, and in recent years as a friend.

I first met Ken shortly after he arrived in Winter Springs from Miami. Not long after he arrived, he noticed that our section of Tuscawilla did not have a name. I have been in this area for over 37 years and he was correct we did not have a name for our community. Ken took the initiative to reach out to our neighbors as find out what they thought about naming our community. Surprisingly, most of our residents wanted a name for the community. Ken’s high level of enthusiasm to pursue the quest for naming was motivated through the citizens of our community. Through, thought leadership, effective communication, along with his intelligence, and knowledge of real estate laws, coupled with his analytical aptitude, he was able to gather consensus to name us Hawks Reserve.

Ken is an incredibly hard working individual who was determined to overcome all challenges faced by taking this project on single-handed. Not only did he need to convince the community that we would have to pay for it, but he also had to deal effectively with the City of Winter Springs and the challenges that came with the endeavor.

Ken is highly intelligent, dedicated, thinks outside the box, and wanted to ensure that the residents of our community did not get hit with taxes that they would be stuck with for years. The signage looks fabulous, the residents love it, and the taxes for the wall are minimal. It was through Ken’s strategically forward thinking that the bond acquired to help pay for the wall project was paid off earlier than expected, thus saving the City financial funding.

We need leaders who will lead change, take charge of a situation and engage in activities for the betterment of our community. We need someone who understands our needs and properly acts accordingly, someone from one of us to become our voice. That person is Ken Greenberg. He will never lose sight of our goals and will continue to preserve all that we love in Winter Springs. Ken is a person of high values and with a great deal of integrity who I am proud to call a friend.

I, therefore, have no hesitation whatsoever in unreservedly recommending Ken Greenberg as a trustworthy person who can always be counted on, will listen to your concerns, is accessible, and will lead the City of Winter Springs by preserving our values, regardless of the situation.”
-Terri Bivona

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