Vice Chairman of the Seminole Soil & Water Conservation District, Ed Young, Endorses Ken Greenberg

“As a longtime resident, teacher, and elected official in Central Florida, I am pleased to offer you my endorsement for Winter Springs City Commission, District 3.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen Winter Springs transform from a quiet bedroom community into a center of economic growth while offering a high quality of life for its residents. Along with growth, comes new faces and residents. The city needs someone who understands the new residents in the community, why they chose to live here, and what they are looking for. Much like you and your wife have done, many couples are choosing Winter Springs as a healthy, safe, and economically strong community to start new chapters in their lives. As a resident who has experienced this transition yourself, you can relate to these new residents and help ensure that their voices are heard along with all others. Your long career with successful and profitable business ventures throughout Florida and the United States makes you uniquely qualified to help Winter Springs develop sustainable growth in the coming years. From small businesses and Mom and Pop shops to national franchises, economic growth and prosperity are arriving in Winter Springs, and your understanding of economics and business models will serve as a valuable skill set for the city.

It is with these reasons in mind that I am proud to offer you my endorsement. I wish you luck and Godspeed in your upcoming election.”
-Ed Young

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